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Support Groups


The National Kidney Foundation offers an email discussion group on living donation for donors, potential donors and professionals. Click here to learn more or join the listserv:


Living Donors Online! Is a message board for living donors, potential donors, their families, and the medical community. This message board is hosted by the International Association of Living Organ Donors. Click here to go to the message board:


The Living Bank offers public education about organ transplantation, and donation, and living donor advocacy. Click here to learn more:


Hopeline is a call-in line offering encouragement and support to people living with chronic kidney disease. All operators live successfully with chronic kidney disease.

The Hopeline is available in both Spanish and English.

1-800-780-4238 (Spanish)

1-800-579-1970 (English)


Mayo Clinic Connect  is a welcoming online community where transplant patients, caregivers and donors share their experiences, find support and exchange information with others.

Visit the transplant discussion group:


Visit with other Spanish-speaking patients and caregivers on a range of topics:







Last Updated: 7/10/2015